Heartland District, Church of Jesus Christ

Restoration Branches

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do you mean by fullness of the gospel?
A: The fullness of the gospel is the power to stand in the stead of Jesus Christ and do His purposes in the earth. This is accomplished through His Spirit and requires an authoritative baptism through one having priesthood from that which was restored via Joseph Smith, Jr.

Q: How old must one be to be baptised?
A: The scriptures teach that children below the age of eight are saved by the grace of Jesus, since they have not reached the age of accountablity. Once a child has reached the age of eight, they are considered old enough to understand the covenant relationship that they are entering into with Jesus; and, thus, can choose to take upon themselves His name, follow His commandments, and receive of the Holy Ghost.

Q: What do you believe salvation to be?
A: All are redeemed to their body again to be judged. This is what Jesus accomplished for all men by taking upon Himself the sins of the world. However, only those who have covenanted with Him and endured to the end will be judged to go to His right as His sheep and share in the joys for eternity of the New Jerusalem on earth. Others will be judged to go to His left, a goat; and will receive of that which they chose, even the same outcome that Lucifer will receive, the Lake of Fire and Brimestone. This final outcome will be after Jesus' Second Advent to the Earth and after His Millennial reign in the flesh. Now is a time of probation, where men are granted opportunity to choose who they will serve. Will you follow Jesus or Mammon (world); you can't serve two masters.