Heartland District, Church of Jesus Christ

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Now is the time for Christians to band together to stand for Jesus Christ and His gospel. The fullness was restored that the Church might receive the authority and ordinances requisite to receive the blessings directly from the throne of God. As the powers of evil gain ground in the hearts of the children of men, we, as followers of Jesus, must be prepared to witness of the truth; that men might be saved from the powers of darkness that seeks to overthrow the Kingdom of God and His Only Begotten Son.

The Heartland District of the Church of Jesus Christ invites believers and non-believers alike to come and share, fellowship, worship, and learn of the Master and Savior Jesus Christ and the fullness of His gospel restored in 1830.

All are welcome; come and join us in honoring and serving the King. Specific leader's contact information is available under Contact on this web site.